Law School 101: 10 Things You Should Know About Law School

By: Archiebald Faller Capila

It has been said again and again throughout our history—law school is different. We have heard the stories of how law students have a hard time keeping up with the rigors of law school. We have heard the stories of how law professors showcase their prowess in grandly teaching the law. We have heard how certain law students excel so much that they can juggle their time while staying exemplary in the academic field. It seems that we already know everything about law school.

For those currently enrolled in law school, every day is the same but different in a sense. Each day, these law students are obliged to deal with the intricacies law school has to offer. However, while the suffering is the same, how you experience them is different from one another.

In addition, there are still some aspiring lawyers who have never set foot in law school. To some, law school is but a vague yet interesting concept that needs to be dealt with first-hand to fully appreciate the same.

It is without a shadow of a doubt that there are still aspiring lawyers and law students out there who wish to see the realities of law school life. They have heard the stories. They have seen the shows. They have had a glimpse of what law school is and what law school is all about through various platforms. And yet, they still don’t have a perfect picture of how law school works.

Indeed, one can only truly describe law school if and when you enter the same. There is no amount of words or best imagery that can describe in detail the life of a law student.

However, for the benefit of curious friends, what is it like to enter law school? While there may be a lot of stories to tell and a lot of tips to share, let us give our friends a glimpse of what law school is and how it works as a whole.

In line with our advocacy of helping future lawyers achieve their full potential, we at Barrista Solutions decided to list down 10 things you should know about law school. While the same may not be complete, this list will give you a glimpse of how things work in law school, what are the common misconceptions about the same, and how you would survive your stay if and when you decide to enroll any time soon.

1. You will start from scratch

Forget the imagination that you have an edge just because you took up a pre-law course or because you graduated with academic distinction back in your days. Forget that you have some legal experience because you have been working in a field somewhat related to the law. Forget that you fancy yourself above anybody else just because you feel the same.

In law school, everyone is at par with one another. In law school, everyone starts from scratch. Nobody ever has an edge in law school because basically, it’s a whole new world. You can never compare your past experiences to that of law school. Law school is a new and unfamiliar ground you have to take as if you are taking it for the first time.

Your accolades in the past won’t matter. What you should focus on is moving forward because that is what law school is about. You accumulate knowledge from the get-go. One more important thing to note is that your preparation for the Bar starts on the very first day of law school. So, while you may all start from scratch, you will all end up having different knowledge after you finish law school.

Don’t be too overconfident with your knowledge. Always remember to keep your feet on the ground.

2. Don’t assume that you are better than your classmates

Once you enter law school, you will always have this feeling of superiority just because you were able to pass the rigors of entrance exams. Do not let this achievement go to your head. The journey has just begun. Law school is a different animal.

Accordingly, you must not belittle your classmates and colleagues in law school. There may be times that they falter at recitations. There may be times that you get higher grades in quizzes and exams. However, the same is not the measuring stick in determining whether or not you are a better student than them. External circumstances will always be present and do not forget to consider them all the time.

In addition, the fact that you are in the same law school speaks volumes already. You and your classmates both passed certain examinations and you keep on fighting for the same dreams of becoming lawyers soon. Never underestimate your peers. They are not your competition. If there is indeed a competition going on, that is between you and your inner-self wanting to get out of law school because of certain reasons only you know.