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Bar Review Planning


The key to passing the Philippine Bar Exam is developing a study plan and sticking with it. Planning for the bar exams can be challenging. We are here help you pick the right tools and resources for you to have a head start to bar exam success. From crafting your study schedule to choosing what books to read, we will help you come up with an informed decision on what will work best for you.

Game Plan

An effective bar exam preparation requires consistency and diligence. With limited time to study for the bar exams, it is imperative to develop a game plan which will help you zero in on key legal concepts. A strategic bar preparation game plan will help you have a broader grasp of substantive law and will enable you to analyze bar questions properly. 

Writing a Study Plan

Review Schedule

A review schedule will help you navigate through your bar preparation experience. Your review schedule will entirely depend on your current circumstances, your learning ability, and your study habits. We shall be providing tips on how to develop a study schedule that will work for you in an exhaustive article. However, you must understand that a review schedule will only work if you will follow it religiously. 

Having a Review Schedule is key to success

The Review Structure

One of the biggest problems you'll encounter while you prepare for the bar is TIME. With 8 bar subjects, you must review for each subject strategically given their varying levels of difficulty. You must know which subject to focus on without neglecting the others. It is also important to prepare how you answer questions. Thus it will not be enough that you have the fundamental legal knowledge, you also need to know how to analyze the bar exam questions and apply your legal knowledge.  

Researching for the suitable bar review approach

Review Approach

Reviewing for the Philippine Bar has dramatically changed over the years with the advent of technology. We aim to help you choose which Bar Review Approach to take. Our main goal is to help you review key legal concepts as well as equip you with learning strategies that will make you apply your legal knowledge properly as you answer bar questions.

A efficient bar review approach is important
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