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Bar 101: Tips on How to Choose your Bar Review Center

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

By: Archiebald Faller Capila

Recently, Justice Leonen shared in his speech addressed before the webinar conducted by the Ateneo Law Alumni Association Inc. some salient points regarding the upcoming #BestBarEver2020_2021. Here, he discussed what changes we will be experiencing this November and what we should prepare and expect for the aforementioned examinations.

For Bar candidates and fresh graduates alike, the upcoming Bar exam will be monumental as it will be the first-ever digital Bar exam. Accordingly, the said Bar will introduce changes as to how it is conducted and how many examinees will there be per subject.

By this time, most of the Bar candidates and fresh graduates of law school are pondering on how to prepare for the exam. Because of various changes, candidates are forced to learn new methods so as to adapt to the new normal and the new Bar.

However—whatever happens, one thing stays the same. Bar candidates and graduates are expected to prepare for the upcoming exams by enrolling in the Bar Review Center of their choice.

It is to everyone’s knowledge that there are already a lot of Bar Review Centers offering their respective services for the upcoming Bar. Accordingly, because of the current health crisis plaguing us today, these Bar review centers had to adjust as well in their respective offers so as to cater to the ever-evolving requirements of the examination.

These different centers offer a lot of lectures and mock bars as well as other perks a candidate may avail of, depending on the service they wish to get. However, because of the numerous centers already all over the country, one might ask—which one should I choose? Barrista Solutions compiled a list of tips you could consider in determining where to enroll for your preferred Bar Review program.

Remember that in picking your preferred review center, you would like to know who are teaching or who are lecturing on specific topics to be taken in the Bar. Usually, the social media publication materials of these review centers list down the lineup for the specific subjects they offer. Accordingly, they include as well the credentials and professional curriculum of their invited lecturers for your pleasure.

Always be reminded that you must look into the roster in full. A lot, if not all, review centers all over the country offer great lists of invited lecturers who will help you review in different subjects. Do you prefer a roster of reviewers who have not been your professors in law school? Do you prefer those heavily inclined in teaching law in respective law schools? Do you want to learn from veteran bar reviewers or even Bar examiners at some point in their professional careers?

These are just some of the questions that you need to answer in order to choose on who do you prefer listening to when it comes to the review proper.

2. Consider their respective schedules

We all know that review centers have different calendars. Some follow the strict calendar following the days of the exam as if it was the actual Bar. Some review centers on the other hand follow a mirror approach wherein the first subject they teach and offer is the last subject for the Bar.

Whatever the schedules may be, you should be reminded that you must consider what works best for you and whatever you feel like would push you to study at a better pace. Take a look as well into their respective calendars on how many weeks are allotted for a particular subject.

It is without a doubt that you will also consider what subject you would be focusing on. Some review centers offer playback videos as well so put that into consideration as well. It is important that you know when to study a specific topic or a specific set of subjects. Compare and contrast their calendar and remember to consider what timeframe suits you well as well.

3. Ask around for feedback

One of the most important things in considering a review center is that you should ask around. You may already have friends who took the Bar or those who have already enrolled in review centers. Don’t be shy and ask them for their respective feedbacks on the review center they enrolled in.

Here, you should take note of what bothers you the most. Are there live videos? Will these videos be available for download? What kind of materials do they share? What is the approach when it comes to the mock bar exams? How engaging are the lecturers?

You should remember that the feedback of those who have already experienced these programs of different Bar Review Centers are the best judge on whether or not they provide great service and the like. Remember to garner as many opinions as possible so as to widen your range of choices with respect to the review centers.

4. Inquire on the schedule of fees

Because of the current health crisis, the fees to be spent are somewhat a major consideration. Always prioritize how much you are willing to spend. Budget wisely your resources because aside from this, there are other payments to be made in preparation for the Bar itself.

So, it is wise that you be able to determine on how much you are willing to spend for a Bar review center. As mentioned, different social media pub mats coming from these centers are available online. Collate them and compare the price range so that you will have an idea as to how much you need to spend for the center.

5. Pick where you feel most comfortable with

Always pick where you are most comfortable. It helps you calm down and develop your confidence as well. If and when you consider all of the said tips, you must always put into mind that what you need first and foremost is a bar review center that cares for its applicants and enrollees.

By asking around and doing your personal research, you will be able to determine what center suits you the best.

The Bar examinations is only months away from becoming a reality. You are now in a make-or-break situation. May you always be guided with the strength and wisdom to finish strong. Good luck, future lawyers! May this list help you in your journey to becoming a member of the legal profession.

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