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Barrista Solutions Photo Essay Contest




Barrista Solutions is welcoming all law students to participate in its first-ever Photo Essay Contest. All applicants must be currently enrolled in a law school based here in the Philippines which is duly recognized by the Supreme Court.




Applicants for the contest must satisfy the following:


  1. They must be incumbent students in any of the duly recognized law schools in the Philippines by the Supreme Court;

  2. They are currently enrolled for the academic year 2020-2021, or if currently awaiting enrolment for the same, must have been enrolled for the 2nd semester of the academic year 2019-2020. Those currently taking Bar refresher courses are also invited to participate; and,

  3. They must have not taken a leave of absence for the immediately preceding school year.




Each contestant must submit only one (1) photo which revolves around the theme “THE STUDY OF LAW IN THE TIME OF LOCKDOWN”. The entry must be the contestant’s original work. Post-processing of the image is limited to cropping and color enhancements, including shadows and highlights only. Photo manipulation is not allowed. The photo must be in JPEG format with a maximum file size of 10 MB. The photo must not contain any date stamps, watermarks, or any text in the image. The photo must have not been awarded in any other photo contest and/or commercially published for news, advertising, or otherwise. Contestants must agree and comply with these official guidelines.


Accordingly, each photo must have a caption or essay which solidifies the shot as a representation of the contest’s theme. The caption or the essay must have at least 100 words but not more than 300 words excluding the title for the said entry.


The following should be transmitted electronically to           


  1. One copy of the digital photo, the filename of which must be in the format “SURNAME_PHOTO TITLE”

  2. One copy of the caption/essay in PDF format (the filename must be in the format of “SURNAME_TITLE OF SHORT ESSAY/CAPTION)

  3. One copy of the caption/essay in WORD format (the filename must be in the format of “SURNAME_TITLE OF SHORT ESSAY/CAPTION)

  4. A scanned photo of the official and current school I.D. of the applicant

  5. If there is no school I.D. available, any document or proof of enrolment would suffice.

  6. In the body of the email, indicate as well the following:

  • Date the photo was captured

  • Location where the photo was captured




Judging will be made by a panel of judges chosen by Barrista Solutions. The Panel shall consider the applicant’s ability to convey his or her message in a convincing yet clear manner. The creativity of the photo as well as the clarity of the message it brings must be visualized. The panel of judges will primarily consider how the applicant envisions the study of law through the lens and a short essay/caption which relates to the precept mentioned in the earlier instructions. The panel will choose four winners, all of which will have the chance to be published on the official website and in the multiple social media accounts of Barrista Solutions.




Four winners will be chosen. They will be ranked as first, second, and third placer respectively. There will also be one winner who would take home the prize of “People’s Choice Award”. The “People’s Choice” will receive the amount of ONE THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 1,000). The third placer will receive the amount of TWO THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 2,000). The second placer will receive the amount of THREE THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 3,000). The first placer will receive the amount of FOUR THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 4,000). All winning entries will also have the chance to be published on the official website and in the multiple social media accounts of Barrista Solutions as well, subject to the discretion of the Panel of Judges.




Applications for the Photo Essay Contest must be submitted on or before August 29, 2020 (5:00 p.m.).


For further information:



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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