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The key to successfully pass the Philippine Bar Exam is developing a study plan and sticking with it. Planning for the bar exams can be challenging. We are here help you pick the right tools and resources for you to have a head start to bar exam success. From crafting your study schedule to choosing what books to read, we will help you come up with an informed decision on what will work best for you.

Executive Coaching


We will provide an extensive directory of mentors and reviewers who provide executive coaching. We understand that some bar candidates want to review on their own. However, it is crucial to have proper guidance to achieve an organized approach in studying for the bar exams. 

Bar Review Courses


We are committed to building an extensive list of Bar Review Courses being offered by Law Schools and Review Centers across the country. We provide a list of the pros and cons of enrolling in bar review centers. We have partnered with the best bar review centers in the country and you only need to choose what will be best for you.

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