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The Philippine Bar Exam Prep Guide

Taking the Philippine Bar Exam is a daunting experience. The Philippine bar is one of the most difficult bar examinations in the world. The passing percentage which is normally at 20% - 30% is a manifestation of the kind of difficulty Bar Exam hopefuls go through every year.


We are here to help you navigate through the toughest battle you will ever experience in your life. Let us help you handle the trivial stuff which may include choosing bar review centers, accommodation and, resources.


We want you to focus on your goal and that is to be a LAWYER. Let's help you start planning a seamless bar review so you take the bar exams relaxed and well-prepared. 

Online Bar Review Classes
Review Centers

Experienced and results-oriented

We have an extensive list of Bar Review Centers across the country. We will help you decide on the review approach that you will take to successfully pass the bar.   

Bar Review Resources

Extensive and Reliable


Finding the best review resources is a crucial step in preparing for the bar. We provide an extensive list of Bar Review Resources which will help you choose what can match well on your bar review approach.

Choosing the bar preparation course
Drafting a Study Plan
Bar Exam Game Plan

Extensive and Reliable


A strategic bar preparation game plan will help you have a broader grasp of substantive law and will enable you to analyze bar questions properly. 


Convenient and student-friendly


We will give you a guide on where to find affordable housing while preparing for the bar. We will help you find a place where you can have ample study time without any distractions.

Affordable Lodging Options for Barristers
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