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Knuckle Down and Bone Up: 10 Study Nooks in the Queen City of the South

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

by: Sunshine Mendoza

Indulge me to ask a dimwitted question: who loves to study--- like not-after-the-rewards, no-strings-attached, pure-and-unadulterated kind of love?

Even if most of us do not enjoy studying, this is one of the grim realities in life we have to deal with and yes, battle through to make our mama proud or to simply dodge extending another year of agonizing late-night reviews.

So for accountable people like you, who have hopes and dreams for the future but at the same time who missed that rare streak of "study habit" in your genetic sequence, what does it take for us to get on the grind these days?

Sometimes if goals and aspirations are failing to motivate us enough, you have to lean on ambiance, comfort, and good coffee to keep your review to-do-list up to speed.

Here are our top 10 places in Cebu City where love for study is not a prerequisite, just the willingness to allow these nooks to lull you to knuckle down and bone up:

If our wills are failing us to want to study, there's nothing like a right vibe of quiet but chic that can push us to finally "man up" and deal with reality. This cafe oozes of charm and a great selection of dainty brain food and of course, coffee.

For serious caffeine lovers, it's surely a plus that this cafe offers two choices of brewing methods with their hand-brewed coffee: V60 or Aeropress--- both perfect to activate those brain cells.

Location: The Forum, Archbishop Reyes Ave. (beside Grand Convention Center)

Cardinal Coffea If decadent pastries like Yema Cake, Choco Mousse Tart, Boston Cream Pie Cake, Truffle Cake, Special Ensaymada and soft-and-fluffy cheese roll— which is awarded Best of Cebu— are not enticing enough, I don't know what will.

Their bakeshop has been an old school household name for Cebuanos. As the brand gained more attention, Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop paved the way to more selections of delectable pastries and eventually led to the establishment of this quaint coffee shop where you can laze around with classic food, coffee, and your books.

Have I mentioned their cheesy cheese roll upholds the Best of Cebu recognition?

Location: corner of Don Gil Garcia St. and Don Jose Avila St. near Capitol and Cebu Doctor's Hospital

Workplace Cafe

Warm and snuggly, this cafe may send off a home-like comfort but it screams productivity, too, with its co-working space design. You'd surely feel the need to crack a book and keep your nose to the grindstone.

What cuts this place above the rest of the study cafes is its nap stations. If those hardworking brain cells need a power nap, this place has a cozy area for that.

Aside from coffee, Workplace Cafe offers all-day breakfast meals and pasta, too.

Location: Ramos St., Cebu City – right across City Suites or St. Paul College

If you're looking for a serious caffeine fix for your caffeine junkie taste buds, then, this is your soul'cafe' (note: that's two caffeine in a sentence!).

This cozy, shabby-chic joint is a specialty coffee shop who uses their perfectly roasted coffee beans in their menu blends. Have a taste of their cheesecake and triple chocolate brownie, too, to complete your study experience.

Cafe Jasmin is definitely what your brain cells need to awaken the study animal in you.

Location: #3 Ezone. F. Cabahug .Mabolo (Beside CIE)

This place is known for its whopping study ambiance. People will automatically get a sense of comfort to read books or work in this adequately-spaced shop.

But people are not only after the coziness this coffee shop has to offer. If you're a coffee connoisseur or interested to be one, you will find their selection of international coffee beans appealing and an adventure for your variety-seeking caffeine taste buds.

Location: A. S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City

Tom n Tom's

If you're a night owl who plans to pull an all-nighter, this coffee shop is the perfect place to perch.

Its contemporary, spacious interior is favorable enough to keep your mental mood on focus. They offer a wide array of food and snacks to keep your tummy occupied while your mind's at work. This charmer is especially known for their pretzels which are fresh-off-the-oven satisfying.

Location: The Greenery 6000, Pope John Paul II Ave, Cebu City

Homey with a dash of arty-crafty flair, Bintana coffee house aims to be a melting pot of warm vibe, utter comfort, affordable food, and great coffee. It's a study haven you could wish for!

Especially situated in a quiet neighborhood of uptown Cebu, this cafe will take you off the bustling city hullabaloo and into the future of what your law books hold.

Location: 181K Elizabeth Pond St, Cebu City, Cebu

KAPEL (Kape at Papel)

It may be uncommon for coffee shops to be situated on the 2nd floor but strategically enough, the location works for Kapel cafe. There's nothing like the view of rustling leaves and dancing branches of trees while you sip your cup of joe on one hand and a book on the other.

The place may be small but the cubicle set up and long tables for group study are comfortable enough for some serious grind. Their latte is a huge hit with an all-day breakfast menu to boot.

Location: 2F, Treehouse Bldg, R Aboitiz St (at the back of STC, above Calda Pizza)

Books and Brews

Can you believe that a bookworm lair could thrive at the heart of the bustling city life? The white and wood interiors are a perfect blend to this cafe's serene and unassuming vibe. And nothing like a whiff of freshly brewed coffee could whip your mood up for a good study.

Books and Brews completes your experience with a broad selection of good quality coffee, fancy fraps, and tasty food.

Location: Ground Floor, Mango Squre Mall, Juana Osmena Street

Offroads Coffee

This coffee shop may come unexpectedly on this list, given the number of trendy themed cafes sprouting up at this age of Social media frenzy.

But Offroads Coffee stood bashful yet unwavering amidst the urban chaos around. It's still a laidback place to think and study that serves great snacks and coffee. If you wish to take a break and breathe in some fresh city air (excuse the oxymoron), the coffee shop has a relaxing rooftop space.

Offroads Coffee will always be that good ol' Cebu classic coffee and chill go-to place that never disappoints.

Location: F. Cabahug St, Cebu City

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