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Having a Winning Attitude: An Interview with Atty. Lingat

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

By Romer Yadao

Some of us are born winners and some of us hustle to become successful individuals. Winning in all our pursuits is ideal and not everyone is blessed to achieve all their goals. There are some who need to work doubly hard and encounter countless setbacks to make it.

Encountering setbacks in life may either make or break us. For some, it will devastate, but for others, it will motivate. And it is true, it is hard and unfair and all you can do is to live with it. These problems or setbacks stop a lot of people on track, not only ordinary people but even well-known personalities too.

Given this situation, and from the time that we were born, we do not have much control over what life gives us. Hence, having a great attitude and perspective on things that life throws at us influences the outcomes that we wish for. It also opens up opportunities that we never thought would be possible in the first place.

In an exclusive interview with Barrista Solutions, Atty. Tanya G. Lingat shares how important it is to have a winning attitude and a well-balanced life, how she encountered setbacks, and how she was able to hurdle them.

Barrista Solutions: What inspired you to take up law?

Atty. Lingat: My love for my parents and for my people. I always wanted to make them proud of me. And that I always wanted to inspire other people to be better individuals in the society.

Barrista Solutions: Have you always wanted to become a lawyer?

Atty. Lingat: No, it was actually a random pursuit. I never dreamt of being one but I always have this thirst of wanting to learn new things, achieve more and help people. So one afternoon, while contemplating what to do in life (laughs), I just compulsively decided on entering law school. And the rest is history.

Barrista Solutions: For the benefit of law students, how does your regular study schedule look like?

Atty. Lingat: I don’t force myself to study. I read when I am in the mood. I found it easier to understand what I read.

Barrista Solutions: What other activities do you have while you were still in law school? How do you strike a balance between the two?

Atty. Lingat: While in law school, I was working in a golf club. So I work in the daytime and go to law school in the evening. In order to balance the two, I find time to study during break time and on weekends. I do advance reading and notes for me to easily remember what I read.

Barrista Solutions: How important is it for you to have a balanced life in law school?

Atty. Lingat: It is always important to have balance in everything. Right amount of time for studies, friends, family, and self. This will keep you on track on every aspect of life.

Barrista Solutions: What was your mindset heading to the Bar Exams?

Atty. Lingat: That passing the Bar exams is my way to give back to God and family. Through the legal profession, I know I may be able to help a lot of people in my community.

Barrista Solutions: What setbacks did you encounter while preparing for the Bar Exams and how did you overcome the same?

Atty. Lingat: My mother was suffering from cancer then, and that focus on studying was really hard. I prayed every night and tried to remain strong and reminded myself that it was just a hurdle in the race I was in.

Barrista Solutions: How important is it to have a winning attitude, both in the study of law and life in general?

Atty. Lingat: Attitude determines what you do in life. So if you’re positive about everything, you will attract positive results.

Barrista Solutions: This year, we will see a new method of taking the Bar Exams. What advice would you like to give to this year’s Bar Exam candidates?

Atty. Lingat: Just study well. Whatever method will be used, if you know the law, you will not be shaken.

· Atty. Tanya G. Lingat owns and manages Lingat Law Office. She graduated from Manila Law College.

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