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Why study law?

By: Archiebald Faller- Capila

Do you remember the last time you looked back at your journey? Do you know why you are doing this in the first place?

In law school, we are always taught to look forward and focus on the future. In law school, we are always told to be prospective in nature so as to focus our energy on the things that might happen sooner than later. In law school, we are reminded that what’s in the past is in the past—that we must be able to accept the same and instead look towards where we are going and how we are going to get there.

Law school is a place where one must move on in a heartbeat. Because of the several heartbreaks, one can experience in law school, a law student must have the ability to move on in a jiffy so as to focus on future performances. This is one of the main reasons why law students lack social interaction and positive emotions. They have been burdened by so much that they already forget that there is a world that exists beyond the four corners of law school.

It is more often than not that law students steer through their journey in a mechanical manner. By mechanical, we mean that the same no longer requires activities outside their respective plans. Most of the time, all law students care about is getting that degree, reviewing for the Bar, and eventually taking the same in the ever-famous four Sundays of November. Most of the time, all law students forego their past lives and focus on what they hope for will be a better future—a future wherein he or she is a lawyer practicing his or her dream job in the profession.

You could notice this all at once. You could see a law student has been a vacuum of sorts with respect to their emotions and how they handle the things that are thrown at them. Because of the never-ending reading assignments and the taxing task of understanding several laws and jurisprudence, they have become so tired of the study that they no longer care on what happens to them for as long as they get the job done—finish everything.

When was the last time you took a real break and reflected upon your journey as a law student?

Looking back, you were nothing like your present-day self. In the past, you were just a kid who only wanted one thing—to become a lawyer in the near future. You imitate several lawyers you see on screen. You always think of the dream that one day, you will eventually be in litigation, corporate practice, or even an instrument of the government on whatever office you wish to be a part of. You always tell your friends and colleagues that one day, you will become a lawyer.

In the past, you were but a wide-eyed kid who knew that you will soon be engaged in the study of law. You were an aspiring lawyer. You participated in several activities which honed your leadership skills. You contended for the title of being the best speaker or best writer in your class or even in a larger scope. You took to hear the several advice from your elders who knew a thing or two with respect to the study and practice of law.

Back then, you had all the energy in the world to pursue law school. Blinded by the fact that you want to become a lawyer, the emotions were so high that you already forgot some of the most important parts of your history. Because of the fact that you are so excited about entering law school, you created a world separated from that which you already know. You have become your own man or woman with respect to dreams and the pursuit of the same.

However, have you asked yourself why you are studying law in the first place? Have you reflected on your journey and looked back at the purpose of why you want to become a lawyer?

We all have several reasons why we want to become a lawyer. For some, it is a childhood dream. With all the accolades they have under their belt, you wanted to experience the feeling of importance in society. You wanted to be looked up to by several people.

For some, it is a derailed dream for someone else. Whether it be a frustrated dream of your parents or other loved ones, it is a driving force that because they believe that you are better, you deserve to continue their respective dreams and eventually become the lawyer your family deserves.

Accordingly, such a dream could even be a last-minute decision. Not knowing what you really want after finishing your undergraduate degree, you saw an opportunity for yourself with respect to further studies in law. You saw yourself as a lawyer because there are some of your friends and co-workers who engage in such study and you believe that you can do it at the same level or even in a better or more efficient manner.

Whatever the reason may be, there is and will always be a story behind why you want to become a lawyer. Remember to make time for yourself and take a break. In such time, reflect on the things you have done and the achievements you have garnered along the process.

Look where you are at now. In the past, you just dreamed of becoming a law student and eventually engage in the study of law. Now, you are doing a lot better by stepping up your game and slowly reaching your goal of becoming a graduate of Juris Doctor. In the past, you only thought of reading landmark cases and memorizing several codal provisions. Now, you have a lot of legal know-how. In the past, you are just a dreamer. Now, you are a doer.

Always appreciate the little things you have today and the steps and strides you made along the way. Remember that you have come this far just because of your sheer will and perseverance. It is necessary to feel this kind of proud moment again so as to relax yourself a bit. You may have been so stressed out lately. You may have been so down. You may have even hit rock-bottom. Yet, you continue to push through in order to finally finish your degree in law.

However, it is important to say that sometimes, drive without inspiration is dangerous. If one will continue his or her journey for the sole purpose of finishing the same and without clear inspiration, it will eventually lead to something worse. If and when you continue to do the things without a positive reinforcement of emotion or inspiration, it is most likely that you would also do the same if and when you graduate and eventually practice the law you once saw as a beacon of hope,

A man or a woman without the knack to be inspired is a man or a woman who will only do things because it is required of him or her. This is dangerous in a sense because while the law requires objectivity, a lawyer’s purpose is as important as the same. It is important that a future lawyer knows that he or she is doing this because it is the right thing to do and because you once swore in your childhood to be the best lawyer you can be.

To be the best lawyer is not only about brilliance. It is about upholding morals and eventually growing in the process. To be the best lawyer is not only about hard work and perseverance. It is about helping those who have less in life and about making your loved ones proud because you are doing the right thing.

Always remember your purpose. Always remember why you are studying law. Always remember that at the end of the day, while the end goal is to become a lawyer, it is still important to uphold the integrity of the profession by doing the right things the right way, Always remember that at the end of the day, the practice of law is not about the lawyer—it is about the persons you help achieve justice along the way.

So if you are lost and feeling that everything has become so mechanical, take a break and take a look back at your journey. Look back at how many recitations and exams you have gone through. Look at how many obstacles you have surpassed. Look at how you have become the person you are today. Look at where you stand right now as a lawn student and compare it to the path you only wished back when you were just a kid. Look at how you are slowly becoming the lawyer you dream to be.

Draw inspiration from your past. Do whatever you can in the present. Never forget your purpose in the future. Always remember why you study law in the first place.

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