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Beyond the Vlog: An Interview with Atty. Ejercito

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

By: Archiebald Faller Capila

Atty. Khristine Jane Ejercito is a Philippine Court Attorney who ventures into Vlogging through her Youtube Channel.
Beyond the Vlog with Atty. Keij Ejercito

In this day and age, modern means of connecting with and reaching out to people have become more accessible to everyone. Various social media platforms have connected us in ways beyond imagination. From simple communication to entering a different world in the digital sphere, people now have access to a multitude of accounts in order to truly keep up with the times.

More often than not, people from all over the country use these platforms in order to peek into the lives of certain friends and family members. Accordingly, some people use these platforms so as to access different forms of entertainment available online. From movies, documentaries, random short clips, or even simple photos and the like—people access different entertaining content through the use of social media.

One of the more prominent social media sites today is YouTube. Starting off as an avenue for random videos, this platform has now opened numerous doors for entertainers, professionals, and every other person there is. While generally, the said site is often visited for entertainment purposes, content creators have upped their games to use this platform for information dissemination as well.

From documentaries to short clips, various content materials are uploaded and watched on the said platform. Apparently, every profession is influenced by the said outlet that different practitioners also spend some time creating their personal content to share with the online community. And by every profession, we mean no one is left behind—the practice of law included.

Different lawyers all over the country have now ventured on this aspect of social media as well. In this pool of lawyers who are active in social media, one young and progressive mind chose to use this platform in order to reach out to those aspiring lawyers—to all the law students in the country. Standing at the helm of millennial lawyers delving into this field of contents is none other than Atty. Khristine Jane B. Ejercito.

Atty. Ejercito is one of a kind. From helping random aspiring lawyers to teaching legal methods in class while having a separate practice as well, she remains strong and energetic so as to provide more input to those dreaming of becoming lawyers. Her heart for those who want to learn the law has become so big that it now caters to thousands of aspirants all over the county. And through her vlogs regularly uploaded on YouTube, she is able to reach out to an even wider audience.

In an exclusive interview with Barrista Solutions, Atty. Ejercito shares why she started vlogging, her thoughts on the use of social media by lawyers and law students alike, and a message of hope to all the aspiring lawyers out there.

Barrista Solutions: Only a handful of lawyers today make use of modern platforms in order to convey their message to a wide group of audience. What inspired you to create a YouTube channel, the contents of which are primarily tailored for law students?

Atty. Ejercito: I created my YouTube channel just by accident. It was not planned at all. It started when my Facebook post about our condo security guard who aspires to be a lawyer went viral online. A lot of aspiring lawyers started messaging me on Facebook asking things about law school, pre-law requirements, study tips, etc. Since I couldn’t answer all of them individually, I decided to make a video to address the most commonly asked questions. After my first video, more questions came in. Similarly, there were some who sent words of encouragement saying I should continue doing it. Ultimately, these aspiring lawyers inspired me to make this YouTube channel.

Barrista Solutions: For you, how does vlogging help reach out to more aspiring lawyers?

Atty. Ejercito: I would like to think of vlogging as a platform enabling me to meet aspiring lawyers from all over the country. Through my vlogs (the video material plus the interaction in the comment section), I can interact with them. In fact, some of the topics of my vlogs were chosen by my YouTube subscribers through a poll I conduct on the said platform. I am glad that by now, I have subscribers not only from Luzon, but also from Visayas and Mindanao.

Barrista Solutions: What are the best feedbacks, comments, or messages that you received from your audience because of the contents you share with them?

Atty. Ejercito: Actually, I appreciate all messages sent by my viewers and subscribers. I’m very glad that they appreciate what I am doing. However, one message stood out. There’s this person who messaged me on Facebook saying that she learned lots of things because of my vlogs. Happy about the compliment, I replied to her message giving her my warmest thanks. She then replied: “Wow, Atty. Nag-reply po kayo. Ngayon lang po ako nakakausap ng abogado.” That message struck me. For me, it speaks a thousand words. It made me realize that we people in the law profession tend to situate ourselves on a pedestal that we sometimes forget that lawyering is first and foremost a public service. We lawyers should reach out to the people and not just in our ivory towers.

Barrista Solutions: Because of the current pandemic, more practitioners and law professors are now using various virtual and online platforms. For you, is this more of an advantage or a disadvantage?

Atty. Ejercito: The online platform is a double-edged sword. The way I see it this pandemic has somehow forced us to modernize. The Supreme Court had to issue new rules regarding electronic filing, online proceedings, and digitization of some judicial processes in order to adapt to our current situation and make sure that the judiciary is still functioning.

As to classes, I feel that both students and professors are having a hard time doing it online. I am a Masters of Law student and a law lecturer as well, so I know how hard it is for the former to focus and concentrate during online classes, and how difficult it is for the latter to learn new techniques in delivering lectures using Zoom, Google Meet and the like.

With these online platforms, we were able to function despite the pandemic. We have to make sure, however, that no one is left behind, given that not everyone has access to the internet.

Barrista Solutions: Social media has now played a big role in voicing out different perspectives of law students and members of the legal profession. For you, how should people engage in social media while maintaining the integrity of the profession?

Atty. Ejercito: Social media is a powerful space which can enable or restrict dissent. We as lawyers should use this space responsibly by being cautious and circumspect in our activities on social media. When we took our oath as lawyers, we are expected to adhere to the Code of Professional Responsibility and one of the Canons states that “a lawyer shall at all times uphold the integrity and dignity of the legal profession”.

Barrista Solutions: It has been said and proven by many lawyers that the study of law and the actual practice is different in so many ways. For you, what were the lessons you have picked up in law school that you continue to use today in your career?

Atty. Ejercito: Law school has taught and trained us to be tough. The bokya recits, failed exams, terror professors, etc. may have reduced us to tears but what is important is to soldier on again the next day.

Barrista Solutions: What is the best lesson you have learned in law school that you continue to ponder upon today?

Atty. Ejercito: Ora et Labora (Pray and Work).

Barrista Solutions: What are you looking forward to in the future both as a lawyer and as a vlogger?

Atty. Ejercito: I am hoping that I could help more aspiring lawyers in the future and I am praying that once they become lawyers too, they help other aspiring lawyers as well.

Barrista Solutions: If you could give an advice or any form of message to your younger self, what would it be?

Atty. Ejercito: I will tell my younger self what Blue Blink told his friend Kakeru in the Tagalized version: “Bibigyan kita ng tapang, Kakeru.” J

Barrista Solutions: What are your tips and message to all law students out there dreaming of finishing law school and eventually passing the Bar exams any time soon?

Atty. Ejercito: To all the law students, always remember why you started. Whenever you feel like giving up, always remember that this journey is not yours alone. Your families and friends are there, cheering and rooting for you. Keep pushing. Keep moving. And once you successfully hurdled the bar, do not forget what lawyering is all about.

Serve the people, always.

· Atty. Khristine Jane B. Ejercito is a Court Attorney of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. She took up her law degree at the San Beda University College of Law. She is currently taking up her Master of Laws at the University of the Philippines.


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