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Benefits of an Online Review Class

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

By: Romer V. Yadao

Global integration makes the world smaller. Before the era of technological advancements, people would have to resort to impractical things before any result can happen. An example of this is writing our loved ones working abroad by snail mails. Yes, snail mails. Now, we can convey messages through text messaging and more importantly, emails. Not only that, meetings are made easy and convenient because of teleconferencing. Indeed, technology can be a life-changer.

Technology plays a vital role even in the field of Law. Case in point: Online Bar Review Classes. Bar candidates are now fortunate to have a range of choices when it comes to review courses and classes to take.

This wasn't the case 10 to 15 years ago when review classes are conducted in an auditorium where aspiring bar candidates spend their time listening (or pretend to listen) to the lecturer. Although lecturers would still present their lessons in the auditorium or classrooms, the participants, may choose not to attend. All they have to do now is to log in to a device (laptop, mobile phones etc.) and the lectures would be there for their consumption.

Online review classes present benefits to the candidates and they are the following:

1. It is convenient.

Admit it. Once you get in the “zone” reading your materials, you do not want to be interrupted because if you do, it is very difficult to get the momentum back. It would take you some time to get that momentum going.


The same is true with the traditional bar review classes. If you are not yet done reading the materials but the lecture would soon start, it is difficult to leave the topics behind and go to the lecture not fully prepared because you have not read the required readings.

This is when online bar review classes come in handy. When you are not yet done with your readings, you can just suspend the lecture, read as much as you could and you may watch the lecture at your convenience after. By doing so, you are able to read the provisions/topics/jurisprudence before you listen to lectures on your online review classes. This will give you an idea on what the lecturer is talking about. Also, you can have an affirmation that you are able to comprehend what you're reading. This is also a great opportunity to check if there are topics that you need to reread because you don't have a strong grasp of the concept yet.

2. It offers flexibility.

From the time of graduation leading to pre-week, a barrista just wishes all of his/her schedule would be followed and actually be devoted to studying. The problem is, most of the time, it is extremely difficult to stick with your review schedule. There are also times or instances when unforeseen events (flood, rain or other natural disaster) may prevent you from going to the review center. There may also be other family or business matters that may require your urgent attention.

This is when technological advancements, in the form of online review classes could be your greatest blessing as a barrista. Isn't it great to have a bar schedule that is easy to tweak?

3. It lessens the cost.

Aside from the arduous task of reading, budget plays an important role in the life of a barrista. By having a scarce financial resource, for sure, you are very calculated with your every move that requires spending. Inasmuch as you would like to have all the reading materials for your bar review, you choose not to buy them because you have a strict barrista budget to follow.


By having online classes, you lessen your cost and increase your savings. This is because online bar review classes are more affordable. Also, you are not compelled to go to the review center for the lectures. As such, the money that you ought to use for transportation can be allocated for food or coffee or anything to help you achieve you study goals.

4. It enhances your tech side.

By having online classes, you are given a set of tools to navigate upon. By navigating using these online tools, consciously or unconsciously, you are able to unleash the tech savvy in you.

5. It improves your discipline.

An online review course is convenient and it gives you additional time to do other things. You can devote your extra time going to church, go online and put your social media accounts into action or get more sleep.


It is however imperative for you to use your time wisely. Like your barrista budget, time is also a scarce resource. Thus, you would need to work on time management. Remember, lectures are uploaded online so you can conveniently listen to them anywhere. You do not have an excuse. So, you need to be disciplined and find time to actually listen to all the lectures.

In sum, technology is inevitable. However, it is an accepted fact that technology is not for everyone. And being a barrista that you are right now, you need to be receptive of what would be helpful and what would not especially that there is not much time for you to decide. Choose wisely, barristas!


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