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Barrista Solutions Reading List: Remedial Law

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

By. Atty. Jez Charlemagne Arago

If there is one Bar subject that strikes fear into most law students and Bar candidates alike, it would be none other than Remedial Law. Composed of different topics that deal with procedural requirements, Remedial Law serves as the heart and soul of the legal profession. Accordingly, many fear this subject because it composes the greatest weight in the Bar examinations. Barristers are afraid that even after studying this subject, they fall short of understanding all the concepts embraced therein. This subject composes 20% of a barrister's Bar grade. This is one of the main reasons why barristers allot more time studying this subject compared to the other.

Aside from having the greatest weight in the Bar, this subject also has very long coverage. Different rules of procedure may be confusing not just for law students but even for barristers. However, while the study of Remedial Law is a given hardship, we are here to help. Barrista Solutions conducted a research on what are the books or materials used and read by lawyers today which helped them pass the Bar. Here are the most common reading materials utilized by former Bar candidates that helped them surpass the perils of Remedial Law:

• The Bar Lecture Series by Dean Willard B. Riano; and

• The Primer-Reviewer on Remedial Law by Atty. Manuel R. Riguera

The Bar Lecture Series by Dean Willard B. Riano

For someone who is having a hard time understanding the procedures, Dean Riano’s Bar Lecture Series is the best choice. The book is like a map of the Rules of Court as it gives a picture of how litigations are conducted. It helps law students and reviewees better understand the subject as they can visualize the court processes though the said book. Being a Bar reviewer himself, Dean Riano was aware that it is hard to understand the procedures. This is the main reason why he wrote this series which, eventually, makes a lot of students and reviewees love the subject.

The 2016 edition is the last edition updated by Dean Riano before he passed away in 2019. The latest court decisions are incorporated as well in each topic for the reader to better understand the subject. It is easy and light to read because simple words are used so that the readers would not be confused about the contents thereof.

This Bar Lecture Series is composed of four books that cover the subjects Civil Procedure, Special Civil Action, Evidence, and Criminal Procedure. Although the series does not cover the Special Procedure, the knowledge that you will gain in reading this book will help you a lot in hurdling Remedial Law in the Bar.

One might get overwhelmed with the number of books in this series, but if you read the same books during law school, your one month review for Remedial Law is more than enough.

The Bar Lecture Series by Dean Willard B. Riano is available in all Rex Bookstores.

The Primer-Reviewer on Remedial Law by Atty. Manuel R. Riguera

If you want a reviewer that is presented the same way as how the Rules of Court is constructed or presented, then this book is one of your best options. It is a reviewer that follows a question-and-answer format. It presents all possible scenarios an aspiring lawyer may face during the Bar. The latest jurisprudence and annotations for the same are incorporated in each topic for the barrister to better understand the topic.

This reviewer is composed of two volumes. The first volume covers Civil Procedure with Special Civil Action. On the other hand, the second volume covers Special Proceedings, Criminal Procedure, and Evidence. This book is indeed a complete package. If you read the two volumes, you will be able to cover everything under Remedial Law Review.

Unlike the Bar Lecture Series of Dean Riano which can be used by undergrads, this book is only for review, otherwise, one will have a hard time comprehending this book.

The Primer on Remedial Law by Atty. Manuel R. Riguera is available in all Central Bookstores.


Because Remedial Law offers a complex understanding of its covered subjects, notes by various law professors always come in handy. Because of the different applications, the subject will never run out of notes made by luminaries. Like any other subject, there are reviewers whose notes are really popular and well-read not just by barristers but also by law students alike. Among the most popular notes are the following:

1. Magic Notes by Dean Ed Vincent Albano;

2. Jara Notes by Dean Virgilio Jara; and

3. Remedial Law Notes by Judge Gener Gito.

Magic Notes

It is not a secret in the legal community that Dean Albano’s notes, regardless of the subject, are always a hit. It is not just his students who look for his notes but practically every barrister out there as well. His review centers in many parts of the country are probably indicative of why his notes can be found anywhere. It is impossible to find a barrister who does not know him or his works.

The Magic Notes of Dean Albano contains the latest jurisprudence in Remedial Law. If one cannot attend the review class, reading Dean Albano’s notes is enough to catch up on his lectures, sometimes even better because one gets to re-read the topics that are hard to understand.

Magic Notes is the summary of Dean Albano’s lectures. Like his other notes, it undergoes a lot of review process before release. Dean Albano ensures that his notes contain the topics that have high possibilities to be asked in the Bar. Aside from its “magic,” there is also something in Dean Albano’s notes that helps the barrister better understand the topic and remember it from the heart. His notes are easy to understand and are therefore sought after by every candidate wishing to ace the Bar exams, specifically in Remedial Law.

Because of his untimely passing, some barristers are hesitant on whether or not Dean Albano’s notes would still be “magical.” However, his review center has a great line up of reviewers which will make sure that Dean Abano’s legacy is preserved.

Jara Notes

Dean Jara’s work of wonder is one of the many reasons which helped every Bedan pass their Remedial Law subjects. This is a compilation of Dean Jara’s lectures from the time people learned to record lectures. This is being regularly updated by his students not just for their personal use but for the use of other students and the next batches of students who will be under Dean Jara in Remedial Law subjects.

There are many versions of Dean Jara’s notes. Some are in the question and answer format, while others are simply transcripts of his lectures. But regardless of the format, these notes are all very helpful. Reading these notes help you better understand Remedial Law. You will realize that it is really not confusing, and Remedial Law is just like a map that you have to figure out how to use to reach your destination.

Reading Dean Jara’s notes is not taxing. In fact, one may even have Remedial Law as his or her favorite subject after reading his notes.

Remedial Law Notes by Judge Gito

If one feels that his or her materials are not enough to get him or her through Remedial Law, one might consider reading Judge Gito’s notes.

This supplements every other Bar material available out there. Reading Judge Gito’s notes gives one comfort that what he or she is reading is an updated material. Judge Gito’s work discusses not only the latest jurisprudence. Because he is a judge, he is able to reflect and apply the provisions of the Rules of Court in his work vis-à-vis the factual situations happening in an actual setting.

Aside from explaining the procedures, Judge Gito also uses cases as examples to better visualize the topics of remedial law. Like his lectures, his notes are case-heavy, which is a must because Remedial Law is a confusing subject. Not everyone can understand it on their first reading, and sometimes, even when they are already reviewing for it.

These are the most well-read books, reviewers, and notes in Remedial Law. In a series of consultation and interviews, these are the materials our current lawyers used in order to hurdle the obstacle of Remedial Law. May these materials guide you as well, future lawyer.

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