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Barrista Solutions Reading List: Political Law

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

By: Atty. Jez Charlemagne Arago

Political Law is the first exam in the Philippine Bar Exams. This subject, together with Labor Law, set the Bar mood. However, one must not feel defeated after finding the first Sunday’s exam very hard or be complacent when what he or she studied was asked. With adequate preparation and the right choice of reading materials, one will be able to conquer the Bar and although scathed, still standing.

Here are the suggested readings for Political Law:

Outline Reviewer in Political Law by Antonio Eduardo B. Nachura

This book is widely used by fourth-year students in their Political Law Review class because it is concise and comprehensive. For the same reason, many barristers are also using this book for their review.

The provisions of the Constitution and its concepts are thoroughly explained through cases. The book discusses not only the Constitution but also covers Administrative Law, Law of Public Officers, Election Laws and Local Government Code.

However, as the book is an outline, one must be familiar with the cases mentioned in the book and must always use the codal for reference on sections where only pointers were stated. Moreover, as there are many subtopics, one may find himself confused about the topic he or she is reading.

The common problem barristers have in this book is its binding. The binding is too close to the text that it is hard to read the book, especially in the middle part. To solve this issue, some barristers opt to bring this book to bookbinders and have it coil bound.

Nachura’s book can be bought online and from Rex Bookstore, National Bookstore and Arellano Law Bookstore.

Political Law by Dean Ed Vincent Albano, et. al;

Dean Albano’s book covers all the subjects in Political Law and Public International Law. It is a question and answer style to teach barristers how answers must be presented in the Bar. It is light to read and easy to understand. However, topics that are elementary to law students and barristers have limited discussions on the book.

Looking at this book, a barrister might feel overwhelmed because it is thicker and bigger compared to other books, but the font size is big that’s why barristers can easily finish reading this book.

This book can be brought from Central Bookstore and Albano Bar Review Center (ABRC).

Philippine Constitutional Law Principles and Cases (Volume 1 and 2) by Hector S. De Leon and Hector S. De Leon, Jr.

This two-volume book set discusses the topics thoroughly and can even be used by senior law students to better prepare them for their bar review. However, Public International Law is not discussed in this book.

As each of the two-volume set has more than 1,000 pages, barristers must wisely manage their time if they choose reading this book to make sure that they can finish it. The good side is that like Dean Albano’s book, this set also has big fonts.

This two-volume book set may be bought from Rex Bookstore.

The 1987 Philippine Constitution: A Comprehensive Reviewer by Joaquin Bernas, S.J

This book, although only covers the Constitution, is very comprehensive and light to read. It mentions many cases that make the concepts easier to understand. Many use this as a supplement to their main reading material when they find the topics hard to understand.

This book by Fr. Bernas may be bought from Rex Bookstore.

Aside from books, barristers may also read notes from different lecturers. Barristers are usually advised to read notes only as their supplement and not their main reading material. Here are few of the good notes available for Political Law and Public International Law from the most sought after lecturers on the subject:

Notes on Political Law and Public International Law by Atty. Edwin Rey Sandoval

Notes on Political Law by Atty. Carlo Cruz

Magic Areas on Political and International Law by Dean Ed Vincent Albano

Notes on Political Law and Public International Law by Atty. Edwin Rey Sandoval

When Bar review starts, many barristers are looking for notes of Atty. Sandoval on Political Law and Public International Law.

His notes are always updated and tailored in keeping with the Bar syllabus. Covered cases, as well as landmark cases, are discussed thoroughly on his notes. And although his notes have more than 100 pages, it is easy to read because of the big font size.

Notes on Political Law by Atty. Carlo Cruz

Being a former Bar Examiner, there is no wonder why barristers are looking for Atty. Cruz’s notes. But even before that, many are already recommending his notes as a must-read for barristers.

His notes are case heavy, helping barristers to have a better understanding of each topic. Like any other notes, cases on his notes are also updated and presented in a way that barristers will find easy to read.

Magic Areas on Political and International Law by Dean Ed Vincent Albano

This is the pre-week notes of ABRC made by Dean Albano. And many are always looking for Dean Albano’s notes because they are always a hit.

Dean Albano takes a lot of time before releasing his notes because it undergoes many review processes, making sure that he will only include topics and cases which will be of much help to barristers. His notes include recent Supreme Court decisions as well as cases which he predicts will be asked in the Bar.

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