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Barrista Solutions launches Essay Writing Contest for law students

In line with its goal of providing support and inspiration to bar exam hopefuls through the articles and resources it posts on its official website, Barrista Solutions recently announced that it will be spearheading an Essay Writing Contest for the benefit of law students all over the country.

Barrista Solutions is a website made for law students and their respective queries related to the study of law. According to its primer, its goal is not only to help every student review for their Bar examinations but help them as well the moment they first set foot in their respective law schools. Contents involving legal quips are the highlight of the website which include but are not limited to news articles, personality sketches, feature write-ups, and different how-to essays that emphasize on the different facets of the study of law.

With the theme “ROLE OF LAW STUDENTS IN UPHOLDING THE RULE OF LAW,” Barrista Solutions aims to emphasize the importance of expressive ideals coming from law students and their respective parts in the legal profession. All law students currently enrolled in duly-recognized law schools in the country are invited to participate in the said competition.

According to its guidelines, aspiring participants must be able to answer three questions in their essays: What do you think is the main role of law students in upholding the rule of law in today’s time?; Personally, what do you think can you do to uphold the rule of law given the legal landscape that we have today? and; How can you influence other law students in promoting a progressive legal system and maintaining the profession’s respect to the rule of law?

It was pointed out that three winners will be chosen who will be ranked as first, second, and third placer respectively. These winners will be chosen by a selected panel of judges; those composing the same would, later on, be announced through the official social media pages and website of Barrista Solutions.

For the prizes, the third placer will receive the amount of TWO THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 2,000). The second placer will receive the amount of THREE THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 3,000). The first placer will receive the amount of FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 5,000). Also, all winning entries will also the chance to be published on the official website and in the multiple social media accounts of Barrista Solutions as well, subject to the discretion of the said panel of judges.

The aforementioned contest will run until July 20, 2020. Entries must be submitted on or before the said date. Accordingly, the winning participants would likewise be announced ten days after the scheduled deadline of the competition.

Aspiring participants may follow Barrista Solutions' official Facebook and Twitter page for updates. Lastly, the detailed guidelines will be posted on its official website at For further information, one may also send his or her message of inquiry via email at

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