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A Primer to Barrista Solutions

Stories come and go as to how one’s dream of becoming a lawyer started. Most would often say that becoming an officer of the court is a childhood dream. Others will say that the dream just came along the way. Nonetheless, whatever story one may have on why he or she pursued further studies with respect to the legal world, they all have one thing in common—they all have to go through law school.

Before becoming a lawyer and before fulfilling a life-long dream of that highly-esteemed ambition, one must be able to surpass law school. Students and practitioners alike share different stories regarding their experiences in studying law. From “terror professors” to “unlikeable subjects,” those who have stepped foot in any law school have their fair share of experiences.

However, like every other platform, there is, not all experiences are the same. What may be easy for one student may be hard or difficult for the other. On the other hand, what may be complex for a bar candidate may be simple for his or her contemporary. Different experiences yield different results. Accordingly, different results yield different effects as well either to specific individuals or to general groups.

With the matter at hand, Barrista Solutions is here to help. By trying to streamline the narrow down important legal topics which are usually encountered by students and practitioners alike, Barrista Solutions aims to help everyone engaged in the study one topic at a time. By compiling a multitude of works related to one’s preparation for the Bar, Barrista Solutions hopes to be every law student’s friend in surpassing the obstacles of law school.

Barrista Solutions is a website made for law students and their respective queries related to the study of law. Our goal is not only to help every student out there review for their Bar examinations but help them as well the moment they first set foot in their respective law schools. Barrista Solutions understands that a student alone cannot sift through an entire community of legal works. Aside from being time-consuming, the same is also taxing that it drains a student down to his or her last ounce of energy. This takes away productivity which should have been exerted in studying alone. By providing everyone with a specified list of topics one may use, he or she will no longer have a hard time thinking about matters not related to the study of law.

Contents involving legal quips are the highlight of our website. In our featured articles, students may access different tips on how to answer examinations, where to study best around the Metro, and what books or reviewers may be used to prepare for any subject. News articles related to the profession of law as announced by the Supreme Court or even the Legal Education Board may also be accessed as well. In addition, our page also weighs in on what are the best review centers in the country to enroll in before taking the Bar examinations. Essays and tips on how to create a study schedule may also be accessed as well by those who are interested in starting the same. Accordingly, the website also features personal blogs and essays from law students, law professors, and diverse practitioners who offer a different but relatable story when it comes to the study.

As said earlier, stories come and go as to how one’s dream of becoming a lawyer started. Barrista Solutions hopes to be a part of that story. Barrista Solutions hopes to be a friend who helps in your narrative—in your journey of becoming a lawyer.

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