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Beyond Bedrooms and Bookshelves:A Guide to the Best Study Places outside Your Comfort Zones

By: Archiebald Faller Capila

While students have different study habits in which they resort to every time, there is one common factor people always consider—the place where they should spend time reading and memorizing. It is one of the first things they cross out in our checklists. Being comfortable in a place where people spend time reviewing their notes is a factor that drives them to be productive for a day. However, it can also be said that the comfort zone that is every student’s home or bedrooms offer too many distractions as well. Whether it be the tempting sight of the relaxing bed or the alluring shows one could see on their televisions and laptops, homes offer too many comforting factors that tend to distract students from studying.

The same goes for school libraries. While these spaces offer silence and peace of mind while reviewing, one cannot factor out the lack of chairs or desks for one to be able to study well. Also, libraries are melting pots of familiar people in school which may lead to gossiping and talking with these peer groups about topics not related to his or her plan of studying.

This is why one should consider going out of his or her comfort zone and study outside. The Metro now offers a multitude of cafes, study lounges, co-working spaces, and collaboration hubs. These places cater to the needs of students who are in search of a comfy place to study, a peaceful environment, and a personal space for one to be productive for the day. Besides, most of these places also offer services and add-ons which a student could use like electric sockets for various devices, WiFi connection, and some free snacks to enumerate some of the perks when studying outside.

Given the fact that there are hundreds of these kinds of places here in Metro Manila, here is a guide to some of the best study places every law student should consider.

Best Study Places for Philippine Bar Reviewees in Metro Manila
Beyond Bedrooms and Bookshelves

La Casarita Bldg, 333 San Rafael St, San Miguel, Manila, 1005 Metro Manila

Located inside the Malacañang Complex, Yellow Pod is one of the best go-to places of law students looking for a secure yet comfortable place to study. A student availing of this hub’s services will not worry studying even at the late hours of the night up until dawn.

Open from 10:00 am to 6:00 am, Yellow Pod offers a schedule perfect for law students who have their classes mostly in late afternoons and evenings. Also, it offers low prices and rates for students. Having been built by law students, the place extends its help in a lot of ways to their co-law students as much as possible.

In addition to the homelike feels it offers, Yellow Pod also offers its clients snacks and drinks if one is to avail of their services. Variations such as chips, biscuits, crackers, coffee, and iced tea are among the snacks and beverages it provides for the law students looking forward to studying in their place.

902 Eloisa Street corner España Boulevard, Sampaloc, Manila City

Almost accessible to all the universities around the U-Belt, Plug It not only offers convenience but an up-to-date system of services as well. Knowing that most of the law students nowadays are going for a paper-less approach when it comes to studying, this study place comes with it an abundance of sockets perfect for the gadgets students use when studying.

Accordingly, Plug It also offers a fast and reliable internet system for the students who wish to access online archives, notes, and the like. Even if there are a lot of people connecting to their internet provider, clients and customers can be assured that they’ll still have a fast link to the virtual world in which they could stream or even download audiovisual lectures.

As for their other services, they also offer free-flowing coffee matched with an ambiance perfect for an admirer of modern and minimalist interiors. Coupled with great study desks in which students could choose from, Plug It also offers a peaceful place for people to consider studying in. While the place is not exclusive for law students, students could be assured that those who study in this place are also focused and driven to finish their required readings. Hence, it is an assurance that there will be no unnecessary noise when studying in his or her zone.

Unit 2A, Elizabeth Hall, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Students who are looking for a place that feels like home but is not necessarily a place merely for comfort would consider this as the best place for them. The Diligence Café in Katipunan is one of the most famous branches of D-Caf in the Metro. Known for its outstanding range of services offered, this café is one of the most sought-after places of law students.

Unlike any other cafés, D-Caf boasts a wide range of menu of meals whether one is looking for something light or something heavy. It also offers unlimited coffee for all the bean-loving law students out there. But what separates this place from the others is that it offers, in its facilities, a shower room and printing services all for an additional fee. They also have a bean bag in which people could use if they plan to take a nap.

This study place is best for all the all-nighters students could think of. While it offers a homey vibe because of its set-up, law students would still be productive nonetheless because of their planned schedule. And if people who plan to study in D-Caf are not amenable to the location of this branch, they could also try their España and Taft branches which offer the same services as well.

España Blvd. Corner P. Noval Street Manila Manila, Philippines 1015

Orange Desk might be just the perfect place for law students who like the loud and colorful vibe of his or her study place. Located at the extent of España Boulevard, this lounge is best for law students who are near UST or any adjacent schools located there.

Providing their customers with unlimited coffee and juice, Orange Desk is the best place for law students who like a little flavor in their choice of place to review for their exams or recitations. It offers an array of imaginative artworks and an up-to-date cozy interior perfect for an enthusiast of the arts. They also have their resident O-ranger Sulley doggo who can help avoid the stress of overworking.

Aside from their artsy foundations, Orange Desk also provides treats and promos to all early birds who are to avail of their services. Aside from some law students, those who study here would meet some aspiring professionals reviewing for their respective board exams as well.

Starbucks (Mezza Residences)

Mezza Residences, Aurora Blvd, Manila, 1016 Metro Manila

While there is a handful of Starbucks coffee shops all over Metro Manila, this branch offers not only a spacious and well-lighted space for studying but as well as the comfort of being accessible to almost all law students within the Metro.

Only a few steps away from the V.Mapa station of LRT 2, this coffee shop is truly a help to all the law students looking for a good place to study while not spending that much when it comes to transportation. In addition, the students who study here are mostly pursuing their graduate studies.

Mostly accessed by med and law students, this Starbucks branch offers a peaceful environment while still being able to cope with one’s favorites at any Starbucks branch there is. Whether one is craving for iced coffee or frappe, this student-friendly café will surely make its customers feel comfortable in all aspects. And if hunger strikes any time soon, nearby restaurants are accessible as well in the Mezza Residences.

Recto Ave, Quiapo, Manila, 1001 Metro Manila

In the busy streets of Recto, one can find refuge in BeanBox to calm down, relax, and have a slow day which will help students study well. Located along San Sebastian College- Recoletos, BeanBox offers accessibility to almost all the universities and colleges along the streets of Recto. Law students near the busy streets of the university belt will find this gem of a place truly accessible for their studies.

Aside from its accessibility, BeanBox boasts a multitude of desserts and beverages one could avail of whenever studying. And of course, the relaxing set-up is truly a plus if law students are to choose this place for their schedule. They could study sitting down with legs crossed, as well as have some pillows whenever they feel that they need extra comfort whenever they’re reading.

Privacy is also not a problem because BeanBox offers different cubicles that are separated from one another. Each of which can also accommodate more than two persons. This place is for those who prefer a peer group for their intellectual discussions when it comes to studying.

4th Floor, LAV Building, 2119 C.M. Recto Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila, 1015 Metro Manila

StudyHaven Inc. is one of the well-designed spaces for a student looking forward to studying codal provisions and jurisprudence. Located at the heart of the university belt, it is accessible to those around the center of Manila area.

They offer two separate spaces for two different kinds of students. For those who prefer to study alone and have a good time studying and memorizing without any company, they have a Quiet Zone which offers some personal dividers to their customers and clients. On the other hand, if one prefers a good discussion with some of his co-students, there lies the Study Zone which is more laid back than the latter.

Access to other amenities and needs are of no problem as well because the building in which this place is located is full of various eateries located at the first and second floor of the structure. There will always be choices of relaxation when one is tired or too stressed out to continue in his or her studies.

945, GF Galleria Suites, 955 Padre Noval St, Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila

What separates Panicroom from any other co-working hubs around the Metro is the sense of familiarity. In this place, people would often see the same faces who have been accustomed to having their scheduled study time spent in the said space.

Found along the streets of Noval, it is almost impossible to miss out on Panicroom. While it may offer only a limited space, a student could still have a sense of privacy when reviewing because of how the chairs and tables are designed. Their flat and spacious tables allow goers to move freely when highlighting important matters and at the same time, be able to have some space for other stuff as well.

Arranged as if it is in a library set-up, Panicroom not only caters to law students but other people pursuing further studies and undergrad courses as well. The industrial design of the interior, coupled with some bright shapes and colors plastered all over, is also helpful to those seeking a creative view occasionally.

Unit 102, Ultima Bldg., San Rafael Street, Corner Legarda, Quiapo, Maynila

A lot of law students can’t start a day right without a good cup of coffee. They need a boost of caffeine in their system to be productive in studying. And what more can a person ask for in a place which has both?

Caffeine District offers its customers a great list of choices when it comes to coffee or tea. Better yet, it also provides a conducive place for studying. The friendly crew, as well as the understandable staff, prioritizes students of different courses in their shop. Accordingly, they never fail to fix every table after a client leaves for the next customer to be satisfied.

Every coffee lover there is within the university belt could attest to the fact that Caffeine District offers both quality service when it comes to students as well as their quality and famous coffee.

3001, 1307 Roxas Blvd, Pasay, 1307 Metro Manila

Law students tend to get tired of their daily routine in which they spend long hours in their regular café or study hub. They could be thinking of a new place to crash for a change. No worries, because Hotel Jen will surely change everyone’s current perspective.

Unlike any other study places in the Metro, Hotel Jen offers a unique combination of style and comfort. They are at the top of their game when it comes to services offered, as well as the food students need to keep him or her company while studying.

While prices may be a bit higher than the usual rate students are accustomed to, there is no doubt however that they’ll have their money spent worthwhile. There are only a few students who go here on a lazy day. In which, they could utilize the silence, as well as the classy vibe and atmosphere the place has to offer. Studying here makes one feel more of a peaceful staycation (with responsibilities) rather than just a comfort zone.

These are only some of the best go-to places to fully maximize time studying outside their regular comfort zones. There is indeed a kilometric list out there which one may consider as a place to study, but the ones listed here are preferably tailor-made for a student of the law—for a soon to be a gladiator in a suit.

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